Saturday, 10 March 2012

Everyone will think I'm mad

They have published the assignment options for the English Grammar module. The one I really want to do is to compare and contrast two grammar text books. The more I think about it, the more exciting it seems. You see, there are lots of theories about grammar and how it works and none of them are comprehensive. So all the different text books emphasise different things, and sometimes leave out whole aspects, which do not quite fit in with their viewpoint. Many of the older ones don't even touch on the grammar of speech. But speech was here first, and written English is trying, with grammar, to convey all the the nuances of face-to-face language, with intonation and gestures. This blog is not written in Standard English, because it is informal and its digital. So its somewhere between spoken and written English, with grammar to match. (Note: I can write formal standard English when its appropriate)

One of the books I compare will be the standard course text book, which I already have a copy of. I haven't chosen the other one, but I have emailed a suggestion to the tutor for his approval. I am so looking forward to writing this one!!

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