Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Not the best weekend away

Travelled to London and went to British Museum to see much acclaimed Hajj exhibition but all tickets were sold out for period we were in London. What a disappointment - this was the major reason for the weekend away.

On Sunday morning, hotel had no hot water, so we had cold bath/shower. After major tantrum from me and cold determination from TSH, they agreed to give us complimentary dinner with wine, which turned out rather good. BUT during cold water period, TSH boiled kettle for shaving and poured boiling water on his arm. Our improvisation included cutting up a sock to make a sleeve to hold clean wet wipe in place to protect skin.

When getting out of taxi at Euston, I banged my head and then dropped my glasses and bent them.

Sunday at Kew Gardens was great, as ever.

I had a dream that my first MA assignment came back in  an envelope (its all on-line) but that the envelope, whilst containing lots of paper, did not include my actuial mark. Anxiety dream or what?

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