Saturday, 9 February 2013

Its come to a halt

So I've posted the latest task, which is due this weekend. No-one else has posted anything. The session due to start on Monday is not available yet. At this stage in a module I usually know what marked assignment I'll be doing. But that's not available either. I asked the tutor a few days ago about the assignment and she said it would be available on Thursday. Its now Saturday. I could do other things but I know as soon as I immerse myself in another task, the course will pick up and I'll have to drop it.

The purpose of this course for me is to provide a little brain-work most afternoons, with a goal at the end of it. And with an interesting topic. Its ticking some boxes but not all of them just now. And the subject is Critical Discourse analysis, which I expected to be one of the best.

Meanwhile the sales are over and the new clothes aren't in yet so retail therapy is not an option. I tried to read part of Follett's Century trilogy (which is brilliant)  but my Kindle needs charging. I'm part way through 'Winter of the World'.

But I have a fabulous new pedicure - deep purple with a silver sparkle layer. The same as last time but I love it. And I already have a wardrobe full of great clothes (well, more than one wardrobe if I'm honest!).

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