Sunday, 8 June 2014

A busy day

I'm working through the dissertation and finding lots of places where I can improve it. I also found a Table with some incorrectly calculated numbers!!! If I'm the scientific nerd who doesn't like writing in an 'arts' style, the least I can do is get the calculations right.

I had a big wardrobe clear out and quite a few garments are going to charity. My wardrobes are still overfull but there are 'good' items I can't bring myself to get rid of even though they are not my preferred ones any more. Maybe I should have been more ruthless with things I haven't worn for a couple of years or more. I probably need someone to do the job with me like they do in the makeover programs on the telly.

I'm having great trauma with my hair. I agreed with Old Faithfull that he would stop being randomly creative and that he would do 'same every time'. Since then, TSH has been photographing it after every visit and then during the period before it is cut again. And its been the same until this time, when it isn't. Its far too short. But I don't like the style I've been having either but I know if I tell him that, he'll go random again. Do I hate the hair or do I hate the way I look at 62?

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