Thursday, 12 June 2014

Two triumphs

The dissertation is nearly finished. This is the closest its been and I feel a tremendous sense of relief.  In theory, it could be handed in because all the relevant parts are now there. But I've sent the discussion chapter to S, so gloom may follow.

And I've passed Level 185 of Farm Heroes Saga. This is the most difficult level ever and I've been doing it for about a month. Unprecedented for me. And I did it today with 3 stars!! I have a sneaking suspicion that 'they' realised the level was impossible and have changed the way it works during the time I have been playing it. If you are as addicted as I am, you get a 'feel' for how a level 'plays' and I think it changed a few days ago. I wonder if that happens?

And my leg is almost back to normal.

Great day!! Prosecco on the terrace with TSH tonight, as the weather is warm and sunny.

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