Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Grammar's much better

I have just started the first weekly activity. It concerns dividing words up into classes. Like nouns, verbs and adjectives, but these are old-fashioned. So we are working on semantic and pragmatic classes, as prescribed by Cognitive Linguistics. I know. I still haven't finished sorting it all out but I'll get there. This is fascinating. A bit like Maths. Did I say I used to be a Mathematician? In another life and I don't remember much but my mind still works that way.

Having a good hair week - good cut and I have used a serum on it for a few days so its really shiny.

Had a manicure on Monday - fabulous dark pink with glitter. But lots of it came off! Not chipped, but coming off in chunks in the bath! The manicurist took it all off properly, put a plain polish on and gave me a credit towards my next treatment. And I invested so much time into not chipping it. And TSH made the meal when it wasn't his turn.

I'm worrying about what to wear on Friday. I'm having a make-up lesson and seeing a fashion consultant, so I need a good image. At the moment its my pale purple knitted dress.

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