Tuesday, 15 May 2012

I didn't know I'm a hat lover

I've rarely worn a hat - that's the same for most people my age. Our mothers and grandmothers wore hats and we ditched all that in the 60s. But I have enjoyed looking for a hat for TSH's daughter's wedding. And yesterday we went to an actual hat shop - they still exist!! I could not keep my eyes off these perfect works of art. But the owner put them on for you whilst wearing gloves (her, not me). That was fair enough because they are precious. I wanted them all, even the ones in colours I don't like.
No decision yet, but I'm looking forward to making it at great length.

The course has gone quiet - no feedback on last week's task and no new task or reading yet. Only about four of us seem to be doing anything on the forums (fora?) at the moment - they're like the Marie Celeste. For my next 50,000 word assignment, I will compare Party Conference speeches by Cameron and Milliband.

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  1. 50,000 words??!! Goodness me! That makes my paltry end of module essay seem ... well, paltry!! Thanks for your comment though! Sarah x