Saturday, 12 May 2012

This module is better

I am getting on with the Corpus Linguistics and have just completed a task. This was to compare speeches made by Archbishop George Carey and Pope John Paul II. The software we are using (Antconc) indicated their very diffeent styles of rhetoric - I am keen to see what the tutor thinks of my assessment. GC seems to be using much more informal, almost conversational language, whereas PJP is much more foormal, almost like an academic. The latter is also much more classically religious, and the former speaks more about every day life.

I am still studying hats and shoes. A neighbour has lent me a hat - black with a brim and lots of ostrich feathers. I want some blue flowers for it but they have to match the dress exactly and I can't find any at the moment. The shoes will wait til the Autumn when there should be a wider choice of black patents.

TSH's daughter has seen the dress and seems to approve.

Only a few weeks til our holiday tour of Southern England. Holiday wardrobe planning time. Will Summer have arrived by then?

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