Friday, 21 June 2013

On campus

Yesterday I spent a day on campus. I found my way around easier than I expected because I have only been a few times and the layout is really confusing. And I found a cafe that served Earl Grey tea!!

One of the library people took me up to where the English Language books are and I was impressed with the number of computers around. You can use your own USB in them so I need a virus check on it now. Those few hours in the library were worth so much - actually browsing a real book is so much better than the library on-line search.

I expect that to young people all of us oldies look much the same. Well, the same applies the other way. I had a short chat with one young man in a grey T shirt, who sat opposite me (he couldn't help me because he'd never been in the library before. And he seemed to be studying Literature (??)). So I went for more books and then carried on chatting to the young man with the grey T shirt sitting opposite me. Until he looked up as if I was mad. It was a different young man in a grey T shirt. Ooops!!

I learned that although the short story is classically believed to have started in the 19th century, Petronius wrote 'The Widow of Ephesus' - 778 words - in classical Roman times. Its a really funny story about a female who breaks the rules - there are lots of translations online.

I also saw the learning advisor, who was really helpful. My work is so bleached of all personality that it is dry and uninteresting. Also, I do so much analysis that I haven't room to explain why I am doing it and what it means. This is pretty much what the course director said a while ago. So for the next essay I will take the great risk of writing in the first person and trying to make it entertaining. And I promise to waffle more. The learning advisor has offered to read the essay as it goes along and try to help me with its presentation.

My outfit was just right.

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  1. What a lovely post - takes me back!

    Yes, all the young people look exactly the same. And, yes, to them we all look the same, but more than that we have the invisibility cloak of the mature student. It's a serious power - use it wisely!