Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Still in holiday mode

So we're back from holiday and there's a washing mountain. And the kitchen has ants in some cupboards. And I have to hand in a task yesterday. And do some work on my assessment. And prepare for seeing the learning advisor next week.

I'm working through the washing and we have put ant powder outside the house, ant baits inside and emptied the cupboards, which is something I could well do without when we are unpacking and settling back in. I now anti-bac everything in the kitchen all the time and we seem to be winning.

Meanwhile TSH is at the bodyshop delivering our car, which  someone ran into just before we went away.

But the holiday - fly to Lisbon and cruise back to Southampton on Silver Cloud - was fantastic. We got a private tour of the Guggenheim when it wasn't open to the public and we visited Utah beach, the Normandy landing site for some of the US divisions. We do such a wide range of activities by cruising and it is definitely NOT all about the evening shows, which we rarely attend. And Old Faithful did a great job on my hair, which looked at least as good as anyone else's without expensive trips to the on-board hairdresser.

Study this afternoon.

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