Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Still struggling

We have had Talktalk on the premises for most of the afternoon. And the engineer saw the line fault!! But that was after two hours of investigation and elimination. But the referral to BT Openreach will take a while and in the meantime the line is still unreliable.

Oh, and I had to talk to Talktalk call centre to verify it was me even though the engineer was there in our house. When I swore at him - just the once - he threatened to hang up if I was 'unprofessional'. But I'm distraught, not professional. Especially since in the middle of all this all my installed programs vanished. That one was cured with a re-boot but the engineer said 'what did I expect with Vista', which I have run successfully for several years.

I am still sceptical it will ever be resolved.

And I can't log on to the University site. And the line didn't stay up long enough to do this short post in one go. And everything I try to do ends with a failure.

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