Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hectic weekend

We've spent the weekend clearing up after last week's decorating and battening down the hatches for this week. As there will be two of them and the job is the hall, stairs and landing, we plan to go out as much as possible. Everything is hidden or sheeted, as hsl involves every door and every room. I know I'll be glad when its done.

I managed a couple of hours on my essay about the backward flash fiction 'Currents'. I tend to think stylistics is sometimes a bit obvious but after analysing 'point of view' - ie whose eyes are we looking through?, I came to the conclusion that its incredibly racist. The two Filipino characters don't have names and we never see anything from their point of view even though one drowns and the other loses his brother. Its all about the effect on the others, who seem to be tourists from the USA. I've tried other interpretations but none of them really work. And I hadn't spotted it until I looked at point of view.

We're still not back in our own bedroom because the curtains aren't back from the cleaners. The walls are a mid grey with a linen texture and the feature wall is black and silver wavy stripes. I'm so pleased with it.

Tonight we plan to watch the highlights of Glastonbury - TSH's son and fiancee are there.

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