Friday, 4 April 2014

Clash of personas

So I am trying to sort out the dissertation. I have thousands of words in different Word documents and most of them have comments from S which need addressing. And there's still the issue of getting it all into one document with the numbering and headings and correct Table and Appendix numbering.

And meanwhile I have a very busy year with holidays and family parties to arrange and plan the outfits for. At this time of year when its getting warmer but I still need a light coat, what do I wear to feel comfortable and look smart? I like long tops but my lighter coats are too short. A new light but long coat, maybe?

I need to start cooking for Easter. Simnel cake tomorrow, brownies and carrot cake next week. All to be gluten free for TSH's daughter.

Will the dissertation get finished? It has to - I have worked too hard to fail now.

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