Friday, 14 March 2014

It seems more real

Two days on campus this week, surrounded by students much younger than me. One of them asked politely 'Do you work here?' She wanted advice about taking over a University  PC which had been abandoned by another student in the middle of a task. I said that as the other one had been missing for around half an hour and the PC was meant for everyone, she had forfeited any rights and the young woman should just take it. 'What if she loses work?' 'That', I said firmly with the wisdom and callousness of 62 and 1/2 years, 'is her problem'.
I found out how to get a pre-paid card for the photocopiers and started copying. When you are a distance learner, you have to use precious time in the library in a concentrated way. The copier announced that it needed service and I should call someone. There was no phone and no number and no indication of what to do. I moved to another copier. Which was two floors away from my subject books. Lots of exercise. And then a queue formed. And then my card ran out of money and I needed to recharge it. But everyone is so polite.

Everything is difficult when you are not familiar with the routines. And by the time of the next visit you have to learn it all again. I have now drawn a map of the library, as the stylistics section is hidden. No idea why.

Session with S went better as I am 'improving' and my work is now 'nearing draft stage'. But he agrees that my results are really exciting.

Wore long(ish) purple top one day and navy jacket the other. Interesting jewellery.

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