Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Change of tack

My timetable said that I would carry out the analysis in Jan/Feb and then go on to the literature review in March. Well, its March and I haven't finished the analysis. But I've already arranged to visit the campus to spend time in the library and have a session with S soon.

So.. I've started preparation for the literature review, which I have been dreading all along. Somehow I have to find all the 'relevant' (not sure what that means exactly) academic books and papers out there, summarise them and link them into my own work. I have bought a book about how to do it. I have had kindly guidance from S and from my little sister the librarian. I have found a good on-line lecture on dissertations with a good section on the purpose of the review. And I'm still terrified.

Also .... Does this mean I'm really behind with my work? Will I finish on time? I also have several holidays before submission date. I have a retirement to live.

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