Thursday, 20 March 2014

I read everything

I've always read everything. When I was a child it was sauce bottles and cornflake boxes at the table (we were not allowed books at the table). I've never been able to bear not having anything to do with my brain. It's less now because of the constant sound track of 'Do I need to put some washing on? What are we eating tonight? What do I have to organise for tomorrow night? Have I got the clean sheets and towels out?' But I read all the road signs when TSH is driving us along - I'm too much of  a wimp to do much driving because I'm scared of speed and other drivers. Even when we are abroad I read everything, so I learn a few new words in languages I don't speak.

Today I read the best sign ever. An estate agent called Doolittle Dalley. Brilliant. Just in case you think I made that up:

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