Saturday, 16 March 2013

Almost like a cruise

We went to a presentation from the cruise line we travel with. They gave us afternoon tea at the Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool. And told us about expedition ships to Antarctica and Galapagos. More TSH's thing than mine but I have told him I will go as long as I can mostly stay on the ship and watch from afar. He says that would be just a waste but when we go 'up the Amazon', I intend mostly to stay on the ship. Its a jungle out there.

Home, quick change and then a History Group presentation about the Co-op. I relate to this one because I spent my early years living close to Rochdale, where it all started. I must say the Cooperative principles could well be applied to the current situation in the UK but I don't suppose anyone with any influence would want to do something that might benefit everybody in the country.

I'm still pleased about the comments about the strength of my linguistic analysis. Since I'm doing this for pleasure, should I concentrate on the analysis, which I enjoy, and neglect the literature, which I mostly don't? But I need to play the game to get good marks.

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