Saturday, 9 March 2013

Is this a breakthrough?

I went to see a tutor, who looked through my essays and feedback so far. It seems that my linguistics analysis is, by and large, at the 'distinction' level, but that I'm not using and quoting the literature properly and not giving enough examples. I have a much better idea of what to do now - I should have gone to see someone earlier.

I saw a noticeboard about the 'Faculty Student Learning Advisor', who does regular sessions on campus about exactly the issues I struggle with. I am now in touch with her as well and will take her advice. But why didn't I know about her before? No-one sent us any information. When I was at University the first time, I'm sure this kind of post did not exist. And now I have so many lower marks that a Distinction overall is no longer possible (but I might get a merit??).

I also talked to the Course administrator about the time-table for next year. If I get the MA, the degree ceremony will be held whilst we are 'up the Amazon'. I am really really disappointed. But what a time-table clash! Am I lucky or what?

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