Tuesday, 19 March 2013


When those who run the course don't seem seem to be interested, its very difficult to get motivated. Materials put up a week late, still with no audio. But she says its OK if we hand in the task late. No mention that the work will then run into the time for writing the assignment. And no negotiation there about handing in times.

They really don't get it that part time distance learners work that way because they want to choose when they work. Last week I was motivated and there was no session to look at. Yes, I know, I read up other things and started on the assignment. This week, I'm tired and can't be bothered and I think 'if they're not bothered, neither am I'.  But its for me, not them, so I'll plod on. And it really is plodding at the moment. I hate literature reviews. I'd rather do my own thing.

At least the washing machine is working now. New motor but that was covered under contract. But tomorrow, British Gas are back for a power flush of the central heating. All over the house for a full day.

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