Wednesday, 6 March 2013

No action

The next mini piece of work is due in on Monday and nobody has posted anything yet. I have been concentrating on reading some of the literature so I haven't finished the work yet either. But it is really frustrating to try to follow up a reference and then I can't find the book or journal on-line. If material is only available in print from a university library, it isn't much good to me really.

I spent the afternoon with a friend from school who has just retired and is looking to see what she can do next. We are not a generation to sit around 'being retired' - we all want to do things and complete projects even now.

I am seeing a tutor on Friday about improving my essays - I will wear one of my new(-ish) layered tops made up of many fabrics and shapes and my black boots. And my black vinyl carry-all. Trendy but business-like. I hope.

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